Daisy Grau


Daisy Grau was born and raised in southwest Colorado and moved to the metro area in 2000. She started attending Calvary South Denver in 2007 with her husband Ray. They moved to Texas for a few years to pursue family, and instead found a more meaningful walk with the Lord. He returned them to Colorado steadfast in victory with a new zeal for His plan and coming kingdom. Ray and Daisy have been married for 12 years and have 3 children.

Daisy has a passion for ministering to the next generation. Her heart is set to equip children with the assurance of the love of Jesus and the simple gospel so they can stand faithful no matter what circumstances they may face in life. She is also dedicated to providing resources to children and families to strengthen their relationships.

Daisy enjoys spending time with her family in the beautiful Colorado outdoors. In the summer, you'll find the Grau's camping and hiking whenever they can. By winter, they're planning their getaway to the mountains to play in the snow (or sledding at a nearby hill)! She loves gathering people for events to celebrate all the fullness of the Lord's blessings in our lives.


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