Mark 14:43-52, The Servant Submits

January 27, 2013


We continue in our verse by verse teaching through the gospel of Mark on Sunday Mornings with pastor Gino Geraci.  In Mark’s Gospel the betrayal and arrest and desertion seems to take place in the space of a few moments.  In provides for us a shocking study in the human character.  We have Judas the traitor; we have an arresting mob; we have a misguided follower of Jesus; we have the disciples of Jesus; their will and their resolve broken.  We have Jesus himself–what Barclay calls “the one oasis of serenity”.

  • The Two-Faced Betrayer (vv.43-45)
  • The Men Who Lay Their Hands On Jesus (v.46)
  • The Courageous But Misguided Disciple (v.47)
  • The Calm Christ In The Midst Of Confusion (vv.48-49)
  • The Crack In The Disciples Resolve (v.50)
  • The Cloth From A Terror-Stricken Youth (vv.51-52)

Bible References

  • Mark 14:43 - 52