Job 7:1-21, Job’s Defense

November 6, 2013






We continue in our verse by verse teaching through the book of Job on Wednesday nights with Pastor Gino Geraci at Calvary South Denver in Littleton CO.  This week we look at “Job’s Response” in Job 7:1-21.

  • Enduring The Hard Days (vv.1-2)
  • Enduring The Hard Nights (vv.3-5)
  • When Life Seems Brief And Hopeless (v.6)
  • When Your Best Memories Seem Past (vv.7-10)
  • When Agony And Bitter Pain Are Your Constant Companion (vv.11-12)
  • When Even Sleep Won’t Keep The Pain At Bay (vv.13-14)
  • When Even A Horrible Death Seems Better Than A Miserable Life (vv.15-16)
  • When You Feel Like An Unwelcome Target (vv.17-19)
  • When You Wonder If You Are Guilty of Some Unknown Sin And Seek Forgiveness (vv.20-21)

Bible References

  • Job 7:1 - 21