Genesis 27:41-28:4, What’s Missing

October 22, 2014



We are joined by Anthony Geraci, the Junior High Pastor of Calvary South Denver, for a special message from Genesis 27:41-28:4 called “What’s Missing?”

  • Esau (vv.41-42)
    • What do we see? Lack of Self Control
    • What’s Missing? Repentance
    • The Results: False Freedom
  • Rebekah (vv.43-46)
    • What do we see? Lack of Trust
    • What’s Missing? Submission
    • The Results: Endless Anxiety
  • Jacob (vv.1-2)
    • What do we see? Lack of Conviction
    • What’s Missing? Identity
    • The Results: Uncertain Direction
  • Isaac (vv.3-4)
    • What do we see? Lack of Vision
    • What’s Missing? Vision
    • The Results: Lack of Belief

Bible References

  • Genesis 27:41 - 28:4