Audio-Visual Ministry

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As it says in our statement of faith here at Calvary South Denver, we seek a Spirit-led, flexible, inspirational, and intelligent worship service each time we meet.  Part of what this means is that we desire for everyone to be able to worship in an environment that allows for this.  A large part of creating this environment is the delivery of the music and the message to the congregation in the way that benefits everyone.  Although there are sometimes differences in preference, we try to present each aspect of the service in a way that everyone can participate.

Serving on the team is similar to serving with other ministries here at Calvary in the fact that there are a few demands that it makes.  First of all it is important to know that the highest priority is to serve the Lord and to serve His people.  This is true in any ministry, but is no less important in a more “behind the scenes” role.

It is also very important that the servant be faithful to follow through on committments made.  With a job like operating a sound console and system, it can be difficult to find a last minute replacement.  There are many difficult concepts to understand that are essential to making a complex system work.  Just like when your car brakes down, you may have a couple of ideas of how to fix it, but only someone whe really understands an engine can fix every problem.  If you don’t have a mechanic with you, you can be stranded on the side of the road.  What this means is that serving in the sound and media ministry demands that the servant be faithful to show up when they are needed.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the sound and media ministry here at Calvary, or have more questions, please talk to James Rightmer